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10 best Places to visit in Singapore

Famous as Shopping paradise, Singapore offers many shopping malls, restaurant, and luxury hotels. Also there are numerous beaches, sci-fi architecture, gardens and new hotels. Getting Singapore is very convenient, you can get Singapore visa very easily, english language is spoken everywhere in Singapore, transportation system is excellent.

Below we have  listed  10 best places to visit in Singapore you must visit. 

Sentosa Island


If you are planning your trip to Singapore to enjoy the beaches then Sentosa Island should be your first destinations in Singapore to visit.Though there are a lot of Beach attractions in Santosa Island, Siloso Beach is a very good choice to have fun under the sun. Other attractions on Sentosa Island are Singapore’s iconic statue Merlion Statue, Under World Aquarium, beach-volleyball, Kayaking and Wave House’s water sports. (more…)

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Best Places to visit in September in India 2015

From north to south, east to west India is a place where one can visit in any season and in any month. Every place has its own beauty. That’s why; people from all over the world come to India every year. In India, we Indians welcome all the seasons by celebrating it like festivals. And when we talk about seasons Monsoon is the queen of all seasons. In June to August monsoon is in its full swing. But in the month of September, nature gives it a bid farewell to monsoon. Here we have listed 10 best places to visit in India in September month. We Indians are more attached to a bride at the time of her bid farewell. So September is the month when nature give a bid farewell to the dazzling rain on hills , blue sky with white and gray clouds, droplets of rain on the leaves of trees, a bow that join the earth and sky with  spreading its seven colors and dancing peacock. (more…)

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50 Best Places to visit in India

Incredible India has many magical places where we must visit once in our life. There are so many historical places in India, best tourist places in India, holiday destinations in India and many other famous places in India we want to travel atleast once in our life. We have listed some Beautiful places in India here, you might have visited some destinations, or you may have missed some of these places. If we have missed some places to add here in the “50 best places to visit in India” please share with us in below comment.



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