Everyone wants a proper planning before any trip to prevent stressful vacation. Today all app stores flooded with travel apps with so many quality features. Here I have listed 10 most essential travel apps that you must install in your phone to ensure your next trip go smoothly. Go through the article, choose your useful apps and try it once. With few of these apps installed in your Smartphone, your next trip going to be much easier.

Here is the list of 10 essential and free travel apps 

1. Google Translate


With this app you can translate up to 90 languages. This is the best translation app out there, with features like translate with your voice, camera or keyboard. The best thing I like in this app is I can translate any language offline while traveling with no internet connection needed. Also you can save translations which you can access later from any device

 2. Weather Pro


Weather pro is an award winning weather app, provides weather forecasts for more than 2 million locations, offers high-quality, timely weather alerts and accurate 7 day weather forecasts so that you can easily decide where you should go for trip.

 3. XE Currency


Convert every currency conversions using this XE Currency App. You can also use this app offline as it stores the last updated rates.

 4. TripAdvisor


With this app it’s easy to find best hotels around, lowest airfare, and restaurants from anywhere. This easy to use app has more than 150 millions of reviews, opinions, and photos by travelers.

 5. Evernote


Write notes, collect articles, interesting websites, and photos and store all the details in one place in Evernote app and can access while travelling anywhere.

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6. Dropbox


A very essential travel apps for all travelers and must be installed in your phone while travelling short or long trip. It’s cloud storage. Once you download and install Dropbox in your phone or on your computer you can store your photos, docs, and videos in dropbox which will be automatically save your file in Dropbox phone app, in dropbox computer folder and even on the dropbox website. So if accidentally you lost your phone anywhere, your stuff is always safe on Dropbox.

7. Google Keep


It’s a very easy to use sticky notes app. This app easily accessible on your phone, tablet and computer. Its best for backpackers because this app can be access very quickly and you can write thoughts, notes, captures any photo and memo on the go. You can use it without internet and when you have internet access all stuffs will be synced automatically.

 8. Skype


Everyone is aware of Skype. While travelling abroad Skype can save your money on international calling fees and high roaming charges. So Install this app and enjoy instant message, voice or video call for free.

 9. Instagram


Instagram has been a very popular image only app and all travelers love this app. Hashtags are useful feature of this app. Instagram is a favorite application  for all travelers and photographers and that’s the the reason this app is listed in top 10 essential travel apps.

 10. Pinterest


Millions of pins are available on Pinterest. You can search your travel-related pins like location, articles, photos  that are posted by other users.