We, Indians are extremely fortunate to be a child of such a colourful and beautiful country that travellers from across the world visit to explore our land.
Rail trips have always fascinated us and we have some exciting rail journeys that prove how beautiful India looks when the train cuts through mountains and runs across rivers and seas.

Oh, what an amazing view it will be! Let’s start with the journey right away.

“Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”

1. Darjeeling Himalayan Railway (New Jalpaiguri – Darjeeling)

Photo by Joe Gratz, CC BY 2.0

This is one of the oldest trains in India and has been running since the British rule and is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The joy ride operating between the stations Darjeeling and Ghum covers breathtaking snow-capped Mt. Kanchenjunga, tea plantations, small forests of chestnut, maple, pear and cherry pulling the mini coaches creating loops through the incredibly beautiful landscapes.

It is a 2 – hour around trip from Darjeeling to Ghum covering 14 kilometres and train stops for 10 minutes at the Batasia Loop making a beautiful loop around a wonderful garden. On reaching Ghum, the train stops for a visit to the Darjeeling Himalayan railway Museum and then returns. The train runs at a very slow pace and the journey can be captured in a video conveniently.

2. The Snow Queen (Quazigund – Srinagar – Baramulla)

The route is a part of the Kashmir valley but the section connecting Jammu and Quazigund is under construction.  A snow-covered route with panoramic view of frost covered small towns and villages; this journey connects Jammu to Srinagar to Baramulla.

The train passes through the 11.2 Km tunnel namely the Bannihal tunnel and is truly an engineering marvel. Winters are the most preferable season to explore this route.

3. The Himalayan Queen (Kalka – Shimla)

Photo by Raghavan V, CC BY-SA 3.0

If you wish to explore Himachal, then Himalayan Queen is highly recommended by many travellers. The train operates between Kalka, a district in India state of Haryana and Shimla Tourism, a beautiful city in Himachal Pradesh and takes 5 hours as it traverses slowly across the hilly terrain. This has also received recognition of UNESCO World Heritage Site along with the Darjeeling Himalayan toy train and the Nilgiri Mountain Railway. The journey passes through 889 short to long gorgeous bridges and passes through 102 tunnels in the foothills of the Himalayas to reach an exotic hill station that stands at an elevation of 7467 feet above sea level.

Offering a spectacular view, this has been an all-time favourite journey for our travellers.

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4. A Journey Amidst the Mystic White Falls (Vasco-Da-Gama To LondaJn)

Coming to the western part of India, Goa Express connecting Vasco da Gama to Londa in Karnataka has some enthralling experience to offer. This route goes through the Western Ghats, tunnels and dense forests across the hilly terrain crossing one of the highest waterfalls of India, the Majestic Dudhsagar Falls. It promises incredibly jaw dropping views of the white falls falling from a great height into the lake.

This is an absolute wonder of the West and best to be experienced in the monsoons.

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5. A Short Journey Through the Sea (Mandapam – Pamban– Rameswaram)

Photo by SriramNatrajhen, CC BY-SA 3.0

A journey down south across the Gulf of Mannar is a magnificent view. Though it is one of the most dangerous routes as the train runs on narrow bridge, but should be experienced at least once in a lifetime.

Connecting Pamban Island with the mainland of India, it is the second longest bride in India and is surrounded by endless water bodies. The bridge has been shown in Indian movies and attracts many adventure birds.

We have highlighted the top 5 routes in India and there is also an upcoming outstanding and astounding bridge which is under construction in the Kashmir Valley.
This rail link is the most challenging yet incredibly gorgeous rail link that will connect Jammu to Udhampur, a city in Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. 85% of this marvellous journey has tunnels and will have the highest railway bridge in the world.

So, all you adventure junkies, pack up your bags and experience the immense beauty of these journeys before you plan to travel Europe and the Americas.