From north to south, east to west India is a place where one can visit in any season and in any month. Every place has its own beauty. That’s why; people from all over the world come to India every year. In India, we Indians welcome all the seasons by celebrating it like festivals. And when we talk about seasons Monsoon is the queen of all seasons. In June to August monsoon is in its full swing. But in the month of September, nature gives it a bid farewell to monsoon. Here we have listed 10 best places to visit in India in September month. We Indians are more attached to a bride at the time of her bid farewell. So September is the month when nature give a bid farewell to the dazzling rain on hills , blue sky with white and gray clouds, droplets of rain on the leaves of trees, a bow that join the earth and sky with  spreading its seven colors and dancing peacock.

So give a break to your stressful lifestyle, relax yourself in the lap of Mother Nature and be a part of this romantic season to boost up your energy. Here are the best places to visit in September in India.

List of  10 Best Places to visit in September in India 2016:

1. SRINAGAR- Best Destination in India in September

Dal Lake and the shikaras (Source)

Srinagar is the summer capital of Indian state Jammu &Kashmir. On the bank of river Jhelum Srinagar is paradise on earth and is the best place to visit in September. You can’t able to take off eye from the beauty of Srinagar. You must visit these places in Srinagar:

1) Wular Lake-Asia’s largest fresh water lake is Wular Lake. About 60 km from Srinagar, this lake is surrounded by mountains and green dense forest of pine, apple and walnut. You can enjoy water skiing, fishing, and enjoy the picnic on its bank.

2) Dal Lake -Dal Lake is the ‘jewel of Srinagar’. Floating garden increase its beauty. It’s shoreline is decorated by famous Mugual Gardens, hotels colorful shikaras and houseboats.

3) Shalimar Bagh-Shalimar Bagh was constructed by Mugual emperor Jahagir.This garden is an unusual example of architecture. After visiting this garden you will definitely say that it is ‘abode of love’.

4) Nishat Bagh-Nishat Bag is ‘garden of joy’. It is twelve terrace garden constructed as the symbol of twelve zodiac sign. This garden is constructed by Nur Johan’s brother As if Kha.

Viewing the whole sight and enjoying the shikara,you must say why Kashmir is called heaven on earth. You may also visit Hajratbal shrine, Jama Masjid, Shankracharya Temple, Royal Spring Golf Course, Pari Mahal, and Floating Vegetable Market. You can buy pashmina shawl, handwoven carpet and copperware.

2. Ladakh: Best Destination to visit in September

Panoramic view of Pangong Tso (Source)

Ladakh is the part of India situated in Jammu & Kashmir. It extends from Kuen Lun mountain range to the main Great Himalayan range. Ladakh is  known as the coldest desert of the world owing to receiving a very little rainfall. Ladakh attracts tourists throught the year ,but September is the best month to visit Ladakh to enjoy the famous Ladakh Festival. In this festival we can enjoy the culture and tradition of Ladakh and special dance form like lion dance, yak dance.

Places that you must visit are:

1) Tso moriri –A fresh water lake. You can see the changing landscape to reach here. You can see many hot springs here.

2)Pangong Lake– here you can find yourself between two blue bodies, clear blue sky overhead and clear blue water touches your feet. Changing color of landscape and the whole sight can’t be explain in words, you can just feel it.

3)Thiksey Monestry –It is a 12 storey monestry, which has 40 feet high maitrey BUDDHA situated in the centre. There are also many monestries you can visit here: Hemis monestry, Diskhit monestary, Shey monestry, Alchi monestry, Lamayuru monestry.

4) Shanti Stupa-this monestry is situated at the height of 4267m on steep top hill. You can see clear sunrise and sunset from here. It was constructed by Japan.

5) Nubra Valley-commonly known as valley of flowers. To reach there you will go through the world famous highest motorable road in the world Khardung la paas.

6) Hall of Fame-It is a museum where you can see the weapons used during the Kargil war. It is totally dedicated to Indian soldiers who fought against china in 1962 and Pakistan in can also visit Drass Memorial. One can visit magnetic hill and feel the experience of gravity. In Ladakh you can also enjoy the yak safari, camel safari, river rafting, cycling, motor biking, kyaking, paragliding, skiing.While visiting a place without shopping is incomplete. In ladakh you can buy prayer wheel, pashmina wool, and copper jewellary.

3. PHALGAM: One of the most Beautiful place in india

best places to visit in India Pahalgam Valley
View of valley near Pahalgam town (Source)

On the bank of ladder river,phalgam is a small tehsil in the district of Anantnag in Indian state Jammu & Kashmir.It’s matchless beauty attracts tourists through out the year. September & October is the best time to visit Phalgam, because after rain its beauty is on its full swing. Under the clear blue sky, surrounded by high mountain peaks, in between land is covered with lush green grass, conical pine, deodar trees. Parting  it the beautiful  ladder river add its beauty more than many times.16 km from Phalgam Chandanbari is starting point of famous Amarnath Yatra held every year in the month of Savan.Places you must visit here are:

1)Betaab Valley– If you are a fan of Sunny Deol,you will be happy to know that this valley is named for his first hit movie Betaab,whose shooting held here.Betaab Valley is the base camp of treaking.

2) Lidder River– Without Lidder River the beauty of Phalgam is can not only feel the beauty of this river, but also enjoy the fishing.

3) Sheshnag Lake-Sheshnag Lake is surrounded by snow covered mountain and greenary.snow melts and makes a stream and meets in this lake.
You can enjoy horse riding, trekking, enjoy playing golf. To me Phalgam is a beautiful picture on the canvas of nature.

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Best Places-to visit-in-India-Jallianwala_Bagh,Punjab
Jallianwala Bagh (Source)

Amritsar – Amritsar is the largest city in Indian state Punjab. Amritsar has always experienced a hard time period. Despite of it, it is a place of faith and trade .It is the holiest city of Sikhs. September is very good time to visit, because this time it’s neither very hot nor very cold. You can visit all the places in drizzling rain. There are many good places to visit in September in Amritsar. Places you must visit and capture in your mind are:

Golden Temple– Famous Golden Temple is in the center of Amritsar, that attracts tourists from all over the world every day is among the best places to visit in India in September. Harmandir sahib commonly known as Golden Temple was build by fourth sikh Guru Ram Das.Upper part of the temple was built with about 400 kg of gold leaf by Maharaja Ranjit Singh. Gates of Gurudwara is open for everyone without any distinction of cast, creed sex and religion .20000 people daily eat in langar.

Jalliawala Bagh– Jalliawala bagh is a garden in Amritsar. This place remind us the massacre of the British occupying force of peaceful celebrators including men women and children on the Punjabi New Year on 13thApril 1919.You can see the bullets marks on the walls of the park.

Wagah Border-Must visit in the evening, to see the ‘flag lowering ceremony’ between India and Pakistan. Only place where BSF and Pakistan Rangers meet each other in front of both country’s public. You can visit Durgiana temple also whose architects is similar to Golden Temple.


Nakki Lake, Mount Abu (Source)

In the desert of Rajasthan,if you will reached at  place where there is a beautiful lake cool breeze touch you ,lovely trees and heavenly environment.Don’t stress your nerves ,it is only hill station in Rajasthan Mount Abu .After the monsoon,September’s drizzling rain enchants Mount Abu’s beauty.Mount Abu attracts tourists  of architectare, historical and spritual interest.Nakki Tal,Dilwara Jain Temple,Brahamkumari,Sunset Point,Honeymoon Point are places to visit in Mount Abu.Really Mount Abu is like an ‘oasis in the desert’.

Dilwara Jain Temple –It is a famous Jain Temple in the world for its beauty.It was built between 11th and 13th AD.It has a fabulous example of arichtecture.It has total 5 temples in all.

Brahamkumari-Brahmkumari is a spiratual university.It’s headquater is in Mount Abu.It teaches the meditation and believe that GOD is the source of all goodness.

Nakki Tal– Nakki Tal enchants the beauty of Dilwala Jain Temple.But surrounded by  up and down landscape ,lush green trees ,cool breeze  and boating after the sunset add its may visit sunset point and honeymoon point near Nakki Tal.


Lachen means ‘a big paas’ .Lachen is a small town in Sikkim whose natural unveiled beauty attracts the tourists these days.A calm environment surrounded by snow covered mountain and thick pine trees in the lap of Himalayan mountain range refresh you .you must visit Gurudongmar Lake whose milky water never freezes.It is scared for both Hindu and Buddhist.You may also explore alpine valley of Yumthang ,perennial waterfalls and hot springs. Valley of Yumthang in Lachen is rated among best hot places to visit in September. You may also enjoy trekking here.


Kalimpong-On the bank of Teesta river Kalimpong is famous for its educational instituations. Kalimpong which means ‘land of kings’ is a small hill station in the state of West Bengal near to Darjeeling.In the month of September it’s view is amazing after the rain when hills are veiled with fog  .You may view the snow covered Kanchenjunga ,monasteries,flower market array of orchids, nurseries. Kalimpong shows the British architecture. Horiculture is main attraction of Kalimpong. Zang Dhok Palri Phodang is a beautiful monetary on the top of Durpin hill in Kalimpong. This monestry has rare scripture of Buddha.Sight view from here is breathtaking.


Image from Dukes nose Pali side (Source)

Khandala is  hill station in the western ghats in the state of Maharastra.September is the best month to visit the breathtaking view of Khandala.After the monsoon shower ,whole environment is full with a new charm,hills are covered with fog,If you wanted to relax on your weekend go straight to Khandala linked to Mumbai –Pune Expressway.You can view the unbelievable sights from these places :

Tiger’s leap– If you carefully observe this valley ,it seems like a leaping tiger.

Amrutanjal Point– From this point you can see excellent view of Khandala.

Dukes Nose– You can view the matchless beauty of Khandala from this point.

Karla and Bhaja Cave– These are ancient Buddhist cave.Both caves are example of historical rock cut cave.

Bhushi Lake– In the lap of nature this lake provides a surprising peace and relaxation.


In the lap of Nilgiri hills a small town Coonoor with its simplicity lies in the state of Tamil Nadu. Coonoor is a famous tourists attraction. Nilgiri hills are a part of Deccan Plateaue and it is an ideal base for trekking.After the rain,in September you will get a refresh view with dizziling vailed hills,beautiful waterfalls.It’s best honeymoon destination where mother nature blessed you with her dizzling shower.Places that makes you speechless are:

Lamb’s Rock– You can enjoy the eneromous view of tea and coffee plantations from here.

Sim’s Park– This botencial garden is famous for it’s Japanese style.You can view here more than 1000 rare plant species.

Dolphin’s Nose View Point-From this point you can see the panormic view of the vast Nilgiri hills and Catherine Falls.

Droong Fort –If you are a fan of Tipu Sultan,then visit this fort .This fort was once used by Tipu Sultan.


Himalayan Bird at Ghum railway station (Source)

In the foothill of Himalayan mountain range, Darjeeling a hill station situated in the state of West Bengal is among the best places to visit in September in India. In British Raj ,it was an elite summer resort. Highest mountain peak Kachanjanga’s view looks amazing from Darjeeling. Teesta river makes beautiful waterfall that looks beautiful over the bridge on Teesta river.You must visit the oldest and UNESCO heritage site narrow guage  Darjeeling Himalayan Railway generally known as ‘Toy Train’.In the month of September , after heavy rainfall,when you will find yourself surrounded by the world’s third highest mountain peak Kanchenjunga,attached with many high and low hills,lush green pine and oak trees and between the large tea garden spreading their aroma.That feeling gives you unbelievable relaxation.So,Darjeeling’s matchless beauty attracts tourists.If you love trekking ,then be ready for the challenging trekking route.In the clear sky ,you may get a glimpse of Mount Everest.Everest. Lloyds Botanical Garden,Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Garden,are also places to visit in Darjeeling. Buy the world famous  Darjeeling tea for your family and enjoy its fabulous taste .

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