It is the photographs that keep the memories preserved and allow you to cherish those moments later. Wedding photographs are an important part of any wedding and with the current pre-wedding photography trend; more and more couples are looking for incredible places to get clicked at. As such, there are many places in Kolkata where couples can get their pre-wedding photographs clicked. Here’s a short list:

1.Hooghly Ghathowrah-bridge_uaacor

Hooghly Ghat is known for its boat ride pictures and its surrounding areas are also picturesque. Moreover, it is adequately crowded. The morning light here is also perfect for pictures. During the winters, the foggy atmosphere creates the right effect for romantic pictures. It adds natural special effects making it more charming.

2. Princep Ghat


Princep Ghat is a place with great photographic significance. It has a view of the sacred Ganges, some railway tracks, pillars and a bridge. So it works great with all sorts of outfits and creates an intriguing atmosphere.  The tracks in Princep Ghat also create a nostalgic effect as the trains have historical significance.

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3. Eco Park, New Town

This is another one of popular pre-wedding shoot locations because it is a place that has a mixture of elements like water body, park and walkways. Moreover, the sunset view creates a great backdrop for the pictures. Some of the main attractions of Eco-park are Tea Garden, Rose Garden and Eco Island, all of which can be used as backgrounds for the pre-wedding shoot.

4. Botanical garden

The kinds of trees in the botanical garden like the Banyan Tree, Palm tree and Amazonian lily pads offer a great background for the pictures and make the photograph interesting. This is the place for nature lovers who want their pictures to embody it.  

5. Maidan

Maidan is actually a huge open field, lined with greenery and statues. Though a little crowded, it is a perfect place for candid photography. It covers in Victoria Memorial and many other forts leaving an open view. There are many backdrops that could be used or the crowd itself could be used in the photograph.

6.Victoria Memorial


The place is known for its British colonial architecture and spectacular display of European, Indian and Persian styles. It also has wonderful gardens and has come to be known as ‘couple’s hangout’ over the years which makes it a perfect spot for a wedding photography in Kolkata.

Some other places that are known to be popular for being good pre-wedding shoot venues are Rabindra Sarobar, Ananta Basudev Temple, Indian Museum, Kalighat temple and Esplanade streets. But you might want to go exploring and pick some places which are different than the ones known to be popular shooting spots for pre-wedding photography.

The best timing for shooting at any of these locations is during mornings and evenings when the lighting is just right and there are lesser crowds. Being in Kolkata, every street feels nostalgic, every place has some significance so it makes for a great place for photography, no matter what background you choose.

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