Finding a wedding planner is quite important in today’s date when it is almost impossible for the person and family to arrange everything on their own while also participating in the events and rituals. A good wedding planner takes on all this responsibility and stress so everyone else can enjoy the wedding functions.

For finding the best wedding planners in Gurgaon, one can go on the wedding planner websites on which many wedding planners are registered. There are also other websites, and of course, Google is an option to look for the top wedding planners in Gurgaon who will make your wedding day memorable. Following is a list for some of the best ones:

  1.    HotoShot
  2.    Weddingcrowns
  3.    Charm World
  4.    Khwaish Creations
  5.    D6 weddings and event management
  6.    Harmony Creative Events & Entertainment.
  7.    DreamSmith Events
  8.    Shubh Shuruaat
  9.    Professional Wedding Planners
  10.    Creative Doers

There are plenty of other wedding planners as well and you have to see which ones suit your requirements before making a decision. The main thing to focus on before hiring a wedding planner is seeing the overall package that they offer and their style of planning the wedding.

Some tips to be kept in mind while looking for a wedding planner are:

  1.    How experienced they are and how many weddings they have already planned before. Get a portfolio and do see the themes and styles they have experimented with.
  2.    Check for online reviews and word of mouth to filter down the list. See if you can talk to someone who has hired them before.
  3.    Read up about wedding planning, what is the established rate of what kind of event management and what perks it includes so no one can outsmart you when it comes to negotiating a price.
  4.    Ask them what kind of venues they work with if they already have wedding photographers or caterers that they recommend. Would they be constantly communicating with you regarding things or working on their own?
  5.    Do they design and care enough to make the wedding look visually staggering? This is one of the most basic reasons why people hire wedding planners. Because they are outline experts and give a spectacularly visually pleasing appearance to the venue with every function.
  6.    See if the wedding planner you are hiring is creative or do they follow the same pattern of designing with the same vendor list again and again? You need someone who is a little more unique and is willing to experiment.

In the end, find the one who fits all your requirements and bargain to get a good price and a discount before hiring them. Most wedding planners would be willing to negotiate because there are just so many of them in the market and thus the competition is tough. But also make sure that there is an availability of planners for the dates that you want them for. Choose wisely and be double-sure about your decision.