Sunday, January 20, 2019

Best places for wedding photography in Kolkata

It is the photographs that keep the memories preserved and allow you to cherish those moments later. Wedding photographs are an important part of any wedding and with the current pre-wedding photography trend; more...

How to choose best wedding planners in Kolkata

The main job of the wedding planner is to give you your dream wedding in the budget that you have while taking care of all the details, management and arrangements themselves. This relieves you...

Tips for best bridal makeup

There are so many options for bridal makeup artists in Hyderabad that it is hard to choose one. But if you are from  Hyderabad, you are lucky enough to have a choice from among...

How to choose the perfect wedding planner

A wedding planner is someone who takes the wedding stress away but hiring a wedding planner can be a stressful job of its own. With so many wedding planners in the market, how can...

History & significance of wedding cards

The wedding card tradition came to India with the British rule and like many other common practices, it was also adopted by Indian royalty, merchants and landlords of the 19th century. So, the first...

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