Kolkata is a perfect place for photography but you must have a photographer that knows how to take advantage of every scene and every little event. Choosing a wedding photographer in Kolkata would depend on two things: Do you want one for the pre-wedding shoot or for covering the whole wedding ceremony?

Here is how you can choose the best wedding photographers in Kolkata:

  1. If you have a high budget you can hire the best wedding photographer in Kolkata who also knows candid photography. You can start surfing the internet for names and finally choose the one whose style you like best.
  2. The other option is choosing two different photographers, one for the pre-wedding shoot, who is good at outdoor photography and clicking candid, the other who is proficient in videography and cinematography as well and knows the art of covering wedding ceremonies. This can be done by looking up wedding photographers and going through their portfolio to pick one whose theme and style suits your vision for the wedding.
  3. But if you have a small budget and still want to hire the best photographer, there are options for you as well. You can either talk to your wedding planner about recommendations or the high-budget photographer for 2-3 names of photographers who work in a similar style but cost less.
  4. Select a photographer who listens to you and understands your needs as well as shows enthusiasm for his work. It is essential that you like his personality and attitude and not only his work.
  5. If you are finding it hard to pick one from many options, look extensively at their past work and not just their best shots to get a real idea about how a particular photographer worksDo remember to check wedding blogs and vlogs as well as wedding planner websites for reviews to get a fair idea of experiences of other people with that photographer.
  6. If you already have a theme or a vision in mind about the kind of photographs you want, it would be easier to choose a photographer that would be able to make it come true. You would just have to look at the options and see which one fits the criteria and specializes in that theme.
  7. Remember to check whether the photographer is creative or just repeats the same pattern of photography with every wedding he undertakes.
  8. In the end, just meet the actual person who would be holding the camera instead of a studio manager or an assistant.

When you finally find the right fit, hire them immediately before they become unavailable on your wedding date. And just have fun with the pictures.

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