The Bengali Bride is a standard for beauty all over India. But who is it that makes her so gorgeous on the wedding day? These bridal makeup artists play a huge role in giving that ‘Bengali beauty look’ to the bride that charms everyone and glows spectacularly in the wedding photographs. The days when friends and relatives dressed up the bride for the occasion are long gone. Now everyone wants their look to be perfect and done by a professional makeup artist.

There are many makeup artists in Kolkata but below is a list of some of the best ones:

  1.    Nanda Majumdar
  2.    Aniruddha Chakladar
  3.    Ujjwal Debnath
  4.    Swarup Sarkar
  5.    Abhijit Paul
  6.    Arpita Ganguly
  7.    Abhijit Chanda
  8.    Kakoli Sengupta
  9.    Nabin Das
  10.    Bidisha Roy

Some other names that have made it big in the bridal makeup industry are Tapas Mondal, Don Hsiao, Keya Seth, Prasenjit Biswas, Bhaskar and Sandip, Sobuj Poyra, Sananda Bhowmik, Mou Singh and Sunanda Bhattacharya.

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These are the people that excel in the field of bridal makeup and give that incredible touch of beauty to the bride. The decision to choose from among these artists can be taken according to:makeup-artists

  1. Budget: The best in the field are of course expensive as well. So the first thing to do is to check the rates of all of them and then remove the ones that are out of your budget from the list.
  2. Availability: Since they are the best makeup artists in Kolkata, they work on a very tight schedule. You will have to call and ask which ones would have some time for you on your wedding day and also for a trial session.
  3. Style: The first two steps would already reduce your list to a half or even less. Then it is all about researching the artists, checking their portfolios, the kind of makeup they specialize in and removing some for from your list depending on the ones you like and whose taste matches yours.
  4. Interview: Talk to the makeup artists about which look you want, what would go well with your outfit and see if they show some keenness towards the work, include you in the discussion and ask your suggestions as well and are overall good to work with.
  5. If you do have some budget, spend on the trial sessions with different artists to get a vague idea about what your final look will be like. But if you don’t, then go with gut instinct and choose the one you like the most from the already narrowed down list.

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During the trial session, do remember to click pictures in order to remember which look you liked the most later on. Start with selecting a bridal makeup artist early on so you can have enough time to make your decision and can experiment with the trial session as well. Starting early will also give you more options with the top makeup artists in terms of availability.

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