The main job of the wedding planner is to give you your dream wedding in the budget that you have while taking care of all the details, management and arrangements themselves. This relieves you from the stress of having to manage everything yourself while also participating in the rituals and enjoying the wedding functions. A wedding planner takes away all the work, leaving just the directions and enjoyment to you. The planner would work according to your vision and how you want the wedding to happen while also putting in his own thoughts and ideas into making it marvellous.

You can also google wedding blogs and websites to find names of wedding planners for your list. Go through the websites of these wedding planners and see the events they have organized.

The main things to focus on are:

  1.    What kind of budget do they usually work with and does that coincide with yours? Most wedding planners work with whatever budget you offer to them, but it is better to hire the ones who already have experience in managing in a wedding in your budget range because they would have the connections and network to work with that amount.
  2.    Do they show creativity in their works or repeat the same design for every event? You need someone with a unique vision if you want a wedding that will be different than the crowd. But if you want a more traditional approach, a wedding planner who is experienced with one kind of wedding will work as well because he would do that job with perfection.
  3.    Ask them about their connections with vendors, caterers, what services would they be offering, the overall charge and get this stuff in writing to avoid any miscommunication on the later date.
  4.    Another thing to do is observe how well-managed they are because wedding planning requires a lot of effort and coordination. Their internal administration would tell you a lot about whether you should trust them with planning your wedding.
  5.    Read reviews online of how they have worked with others and what weddings they have previously managed.

If you already have some ideas about how you want the wedding to be, communicate that with the wedding planner on an early stage. If you don’t like some of the things, you have to instruct them the right way. Hiring a wedding planner doesn’t mean that you slide away from all responsibility.

In the end, the best decision you can make is to hire the best wedding planners in Kolkata whether it is by Googling the names, friend’s recommendation or simply word of mouth.