The way of inviting someone to a wedding always leaves an impression on them and gives them a hint of the function yet to come. So it is very important to be creative and unique while presenting a formal wedding invitation. There are many places that design and print wedding cards in Gurgaon. Some of the best ones among them are:

  1.    Core Designers
  2.    Mr and Mrs
  3.    Sapphire Invitation
  4.    Idee Invitation
  5.    Kasteel Invitations
  6.    Eternal Grace

There are plenty of other good wedding card designers in Gurgaon as well, as one can find simply by googling it. But in the end, a card is just as good as the thought behind it. It is all about what YOU want the wedding card to look like if that is a traditional look, a quirky look or something modern and classy.

How to choose a wedding card designer in Gurgaon and what should the card be like:

  1.    Determine what kind of card you want and then make a list of designers who specialize in that style. If you are simply browsing and have no particular design or style in mind, Google the best ones and start by filtering the ones within your price range.
  2.    The budget is very important because it shortens the list and allows you to look for only the ones you can afford.
  3.    Customization or no customization? Do you want to customize the card according to your will or not? If you do, does a particular designer have that option?
  4.    Something new and creative? See their previous card designs and check whether they come up with new unique designs or repeat the same one for all clients. You want to go with the ones who are more creative.
  5.    Get started early with designing of the wedding card because that way you will be able to look at more designs, try them out before making a decision. And also because the wedding cards have t be handed off months before the wedding so people who live far away can also make plans and reservations to attend the wedding.
  6.    Don’t crowd the card with too much designing. Keep it simple and elegant.
  7.    Choosing the correct colour theme is also very important because you want it to be lively with bright colours but not a mashup of too many colours. On the other hand, lighter colours may look dull, yet elegant and traditional. It is all in how they are used.
  8.    Be really clear about your fonts and words. The main reason for handing over the wedding card is to invite someone to ensure that all details are legible and clearly mentioned.
  9.    Don’t stick to the traditional shape and size of the card but customize it to how you like. Instead of following the crowd, establish your unique identity. That can be done only when you know what the wedding theme is going to be. Define your style and make the card as such.