There are many good photographers in Bangalore, but if you are looking for one that specializes in pre-wedding photography and candid photography, then there are some ways of choosing the best photographer. Here are a few tips and things to be kept in mind while hiring the best wedding photographer in Bangalore:

  1.    Go on websites like Weddingdoers and other websites that have a list of wedding planners, photographers etc. Check out the names on the list and see their websites and works.
  2.    Since hiring wedding photographers is an important decision, you have to get started really early. The sooner you start your search, the more time you will have to evaluate your options and then enough time to plan a pre-wedding shoot as well.
  3.    Filter out the professional photographers on the basis of budget, availability, style of work and who you actually like until there are only a handful left.
  4.    Talk to these people and do a short interview. Meet the actual photographer and ask him lots of questions and see if he shows interest in the shoot as well. The main thing to observe is if he asks for your input about the style of photography and how you want to go about it.
  5.    If you don’t like the personality of the photographer, skip him and find someone else. Since the photographer will be an essential part of your big wedding function, you do not want to hire someone who is rude or annoying.
  6.    Check out the list of top photographers from Google or Facebook groups of wedding photography for Bangalore to see if a name pops up or if you like a particular one’s style and pictures.
  7.    Do confirm about post-wedding production, videography and how much the entire package will end up costing you.
  8.    Make sure that the photographer is using a good editing software as well and knows how to handle it.
  9.    See more of their previous works and not just the best shots on their website. Even while googling photographers, go to page 3 and 4 instead of just going with the first name that pops up.
  10.    Also, check websites like Quora for more thorough idea of the photographers. Do read reviews and ask around about the photographer you are about to hire.

Often in situations like these, the most dependable person to hire comes as a result of a friend’s recommendation or word of mouth, so keep your options open up to the point that you can. But don’t take too much time to make a decision that the good photographer that you already like also gets hired by someone else.

And while hiring a photographer, ask them about their candid photography skills or what pre-wedding photography locations they have in mind. See how much experience they have in wedding photography. It is not okay to just hire any good photographer, he must specialize in wedding photography and be from Bangalore so he knows the kind of trends going around and the places as well.