Pre-wedding Photography are the growing trend in today’s day as it gives the couple some moments to cherish and creates the perfect pictures that would be the envy of everyone else. But choosing the right pre-wedding shoot venue is very important to create that magical background which adds feel and substance to the pictures.

But when the whole city is beautiful and brimming with spots, how do you choose where to get your pre-wedding shoot done?

  1.    Budget: If you have a high budget, you can choose from the popular luxury resorts which are famous for pre-wedding shoots around your city. But if you are low on budget, then natural places, lakes, sceneries are your best choice.
  2.    Crowds: Choose a place which has less crowd, so you get enough space, clear background and are comfortable in your pictures. If you like the place but it is too crowded then you can always figure out the right timing. If the spot is less crowded during the early morning or late evening, then choose that time to get your shoot done.
  3.    Catch the light: Sunrise and sunsets always make for great photography elements. So which place do you know where the view of sunrise and sunset along with the background would be the most magnificent? This will not only allow the photographer to play with the lighting but also act perfectly a theme of its own.
  4.    What theme do you have in mind? For nature lovers, parks and wildlife sanctuaries or bird sanctuaries act as the perfect spot. For quirky pictures, find the graffiti walls on the street, or for more romantic shots, pick an indoor location, or a beach. There are plenty of locations that would represent who you are as a couple, you just have to find the place that you mostly connect with.
  5.    Search online for the popular pre-wedding locations in your area or ask your photographer if he has a place in mind already. Usually, they would know some secret secluded spots which are perfect for pictures.
  6.    One impulsive way is to just head out for a car drive and find a place while driving around.

Here is a priority list of what you should seek for while looking for a pre-wedding shoot location:

  1.    Nature and Landscape: There is nothing more beautiful than a candid taken with nature as a background or mesmerizing view of hills or valleys.
  2.    Forts: For a royal look, search for historical forts and monuments to get clicked in front of.
  3.    Hotels or Resorts: Take a weekend to relax at a luxury resort with Jacuzzi but choose one that also has a great location and view so you can get the pre-wedding shoot done.
  4.    Heritage buildings: Stay connected with the city you are in just as you do with your partner.
  5.    Streets: Yep, nothing is better than getting clicked on the streets and standing out from the crowds. It is quite adventurous and perfect if you are willing to step out of your comfort zone