Wedding cards are what create the first impression of a wedding and tell the guests what to expect. These days, the trend for quirky and classy wedding invites is going on in Bangalore. There are many wedding card designers in Bangalore with different designs and styles. The range for the card also differs depending on the design you choose and the quality of the card and how well-established the designer is. Here is a list of some of the best wedding cards in Bangalore:

  1.    Perfect invites
  2.    King of Cards
  3.    Invite me
  4.    TARS Invitations
  5.    Iktaara
  6.    Tinyfarm
  7.    Inksedge
  8.    Govardhan Printers
  9.    Mostly Handmade
  10.    CreateAFlutter


There are also others like Carmma Weddings, The Indian paper forest, Paper Pixel Designs, Triveni Cards, Sketch the Design Studio, Abhigna and Wraps and Boxes who are trending for their wedding card designs in Bangalore.

All the names mentioned above, have their unique creative style with which they create wedding cards. You get an option to choose from the existing ones or even get a design customized according to what you want.

The best way to go about choosing a wedding card designer and then a wedding card designer is:

  1.    See what fits your budget.
  2.    What kind of style do you want to incorporate in your wedding card and what is the theme of your wedding?
  3.    Do you want to go with a traditional card and gift box or handmade cards or a classy modern looking invite?
  4.    Choosing a designer is often easier than choosing a design because you choose a designer based on budget and whose style you like but more effort goes into the designing of the card. The first thing is to pick the right colour theme. It depends on what your taste is. Loud bright colours really distinguish the invite from others while the classy cream-ish colour gives a lavish modern look.
  5.    The font should be stylish but easy to read. And the text placement matters a lot.
  6.    Do you want to go with a temple motif or a peacock motif? A ribbon or lace? These are questions that need to be answered while deciding what you want the card to look like, and while it is wise to take the suggestions of the designer, you can make it according to your own vision as well.
  7.    The envelope of the card is just as important as the card itself so don’t be negligent while making a decision.

Getting married in Bangalore and haven’t decided on a wedding card designer yet? Pick one from the list after checking their works and just go along with it. It is better to get started on the invitation procedure months ago because people need time to arrange their travels to come to the wedding. The earlier you start looking for a wedding card designer, the more time you would have until the final card is ready. In the meanwhile, you can experiment, try different styles and even goof up occasionally without any stress.