Instagram has been a best social networking platform for everyone to show their talents as a blogger, traveller, photographer and many other things. A lot of Indian travel enthusiasts have joined Instagram in past few years and now their accounts are filled with some great images of world’s most beautiful destinations.
Here we are sharing top 20 Indian Travel Bloggers you should follow on Instagram right away.These young people have captured the beauty of world and have been sharing amazing clicks through their Instagram Accounts.

1. Savi and Vid  @bruisedpassports

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Create your own fairytale 💙💙 Looking back at 2018 and it’s been a crazy year! We worked harder than we’ve ever worked in our lives and enjoyed it more than ever before! ☺️😊 We went from snow-laden forests to scorching deserts. We melted in warm oceans and stared at the Northern Lights time and time again. We stood STILL at our favourite corners of the globe 🌍💙💙 ✨ ✨ But 90 odd countries and hundreds of magical panoramas later, nothing compares to the MAGIC of spending each day with this boy by my side. Cooking a meal together, discovering music that knocks our socks off, being tucked in under the stars, or coming back to familiar hugs on a cold night – it’s always the little things that I’m MOST grateful for! 😊😊 ✨ ✨ Hope you’re counting your blessings, bit by bit, as the year draws to a close 💙💙 ✨ ✨ #bruisedpassports #travel #WHPmagical #newyear #gratitude

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2. Pratik Talreja @sadak_chap

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KLINGKING BEACH !!! … – – – And again , one of the most instahrammed place from Bali . The view was crazzzzzy , as you can see . What better than getting a picture of yourself ??? #Bali #islandofgods #wonderfulindonesia . @indtravel – – – – P.S – Light bahot harsh thi and I was Lil scared to stand there as well 🙈 . Didn't do it for the gram , did it for myself . Bhai thode hi din bache hai uddne ke , jaldi hi zameen pe aa jaayenge #Maibhisadakchap . Tab tak udd lu ? . – – – #Beach #Klingking #blue #Love #beautifuldestinations #travel #Travelgram #traveldiaries #jawdropping #view #dronestagram #fromwhereidrone #djimavicpro2 #instagram #selfie #indonesia #BaalNahiBanaaye #FattiPadiThi #ILikeWhenPeopleReadHashtags #VeleLog 🤣😋😋😋 .

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3. Yash Rane @chefyash

4. Abhinav Chandel  @abhiandnow

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A snowy sunset during Lambhri trek . . . It was almost a straight descent down in the snow, before we would've ascended again towards the base camp, and I was trailing @theknowntales, and Lalit Bhai was leading with Ayush, while also contemplating about bringing out the ropes to ensure we descended safely. And it was during that moment, as we were busy finding a sure footing on the slippery surface, we looked up to find the last lights of the day falling on the mountains across in Banjar valley, and it made me wonder how much I had dreamt about this sunset in last one year, when I'd be at the top of the mountains around Jibhi, trekking in snow and enjoying a sunset over these hills. And though Lalit Bhai told us that if we weren't late to start our trek, we'd have seen the sunset from the base of Chiyara top, the highest peak in the region, but I didn't care. Because if not for this sunset, we wouldn't have been so calm about possibly the toughest section of the trek. So we stood there, staring at the golden light, with our numb feet and frozen fingers, and smiled, for we were lucky to be alive. Alive at this very moment.

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5. Shramona Poddar @mishti.and.meat

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I wish my ways of dealing with life situations were the same as I spotting a field full of snow. I see it lay out in front of me and immediately dive straight into it, and even though I land up creating a mess more often than not, atleast I have crazy amount of fun while at it. Haha. In other news, I just landed in Bombay today and I once again validate my thoughts about seasons and Bombay – there are only two of them, summers and monsoons. Please throw a big snowball at me, someone? #WildcraftWildling #ReadyforAnything #ReclaimYourRoute #MishtiAndMeatftWildcraft #wildcraft #adventure #MishtiAndMeatTravels #MishtiandMeatinTirthan #himachal #himachalpradesh #india #travel #tirthanvalley #jaloripass #shoja @wildcraftin Shot by @abhiandnow

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6. Navaneeth Unnikrishnan @navaneeth_unnikrishnan

7. Shivya Nath @shivya

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Travel-wise, the last few weeks have been a bit strange. First, I had to drop out of a pretty cool assignment because my UK visa didn’t start on the date it was expected to. Then, my plans to spend September exploring Kyrgyzstan fell through when most surprisingly, they declined my e-visa (like WTF?!). Ahead of a travel blogging conference I’m speaking at in the UK, my backup plan was to spend some time in Slovenia / Bosnia, but the wait for the visas left me little time (and enthusiasm) to apply for a Schengen. Wandered back to Goa for a bit but it was getting hotter and I felt a bit done with it. So finally, almost reluctantly, I decided to head to the UK early and try to explore it on a budget… . . At a little English B&B in Keswick in the Lake District, I was their first vegan guest, and much to my surprise, they put together a delicious vegan breakfast menu – featuring avocado on toast, sweet potato & black bean ‘sausages’, sautéed mushroom etc – which will now be available to all guests! In the last few days, we hiked some impressive and demanding trails in the Cumbrian Mountains, hung out in idyllic villages, drank (vegan) hot chocolate and beer in cosy cafes and traditional pubs, walked amid incredibly stark landscapes, and were almost blown away by insanely stormy winds atop a mountain. We’ve been able to keep costs low, using some Airbnb credit I had accumulated and finding decent deals on trains and buses. I’m kind of glad all those travel plans fell apart, because right now, I’m so enchanted by the English countryside 🤗 . . As much as it sucks, I refuse to let my Indian passport come in the way of my wanderlust. How do I manage visas around the world? Link in my bio 🌎 . . And you, what are your upcoming travel plans? Have you spent time exploring England? . . #theshootingstar #visitengland #lovegreatbritain #lakedistrictuk #shotoniphone

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8.  Radhika Sharma @radhika_nomllers

9. Gursimran Basra @coffee.karma

10. Abhijeet Singh @abhijeet_sing

11. Kamakshi Pal @kamakshi.pal

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Head full of mountains. Things will happen to those who badly want them to happen. Who believe in last minute magic. Who know that miracle can happen anytime. Who just believe in the actions of Universe and have faith no matter what. Who don't give up even at the worst situation. So, Keep telling yourself That it is going to happen, no matter how but it is. You will attract what you think. So, think what you want, do work hard to achieve it and never ever lose hope. Believe in something very positively is like climbing your own mountain. So keep your head full of mountains. #himalayas #f4fofficial #Nepal #_soi #outdoors #indiapictures #hindustandpictures #India #instagram #outdoorswithColumbia #traveldiaries #adventure #incredibleindia #IAMNikon #CNTGiveItashot #yourshotphotographer #moodyIndia #indianphotography #mounteverestofficial #EverestBaseCampwithColumbia #travelphotography #travelpassport #travel #EverestBaseCamp #EBC #lonelyplanetindia  #thevisualyatra #dslrofficial @INSTAGRAM @cntravellerindia @columbiasportswear_in @indiapictures @streets.of.india @hindustanpictures @dslrofficial

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12. @aawaari

13. Rahul K @theknowntales

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How can you not fall in love with such creatures? We were rushing to see the sunset at a height, where nothing comes in between this view and us, I was really not expecting this. The moment froze for minutes. Everything around looked magical. Only then in another few minutes, we realised beautiful things never last forever. Sun went down, still made us doubt the difference between reality or dreams? Whats your story with sunrise or such magical sunset? ____ . . . . . . . . . . . . . #mountains #hills #love #nature #dogs #travel #trio #hippie #blogger #travelblogger #sunset #himalayas #himachal #himalayangeographic #ig_travel #indiaclicks #natgeo#lonelyplanetindia #happiness #rains #indiatourism #indianshutterbugs #incredibleindia #backpacking #landscape #pixel #traveldiaries

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14. Srishti Tehri @Srish_teee

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Tell us about your favorite story from your travel journeys so far? It could be a person you met, or a sunset you saw! Feel free to be open! . I don’t know how to share just one story from my journeys and I’ll explain why. There’s nothing like Kashmiri hospitality or the sunsets in Bir, nothing comes close to the friendly faces in Spiti or the coral reefs in Andamans. There’s nothing like the collective energy of Calcutta or the heritage of Rajasthan, nothing better than the architecture in Gujarat or the vastness of Sikkim. I’ve met, loved and known so many people while traveling: the locals, the travellers, the wise. And, I’ve shared different experiences with everyone: sometimes, it’d be star gazing in a small village in Spiti with a stranger or a bonfire with the locals in Madhya Pradesh. The other times, finding love and losing it in the mountains of Himachal or just letting it all be everywhere I go. Most of the times, I’m drawn to places I’ve been before..the other times, I reach places no one has heard of. . But if there’s one thing that remains constant, it is this- each time I step out of my house, I know an adventure awaits. And because I know the Universe always gives me immense without asking, I’ll never stop being by myself and happily so. I’ll never stop collecting memories and moments, loving and getting heart broken, exploring the new and reuniting with the old. I’ll never stop no matter who or what is the obstacle and despite the ups & downs in life, I’ll keep finding myself in a new chapter of an old rugged journal so that one day, when my life flashes before my eyes, I’ll know it’s worth watching. I’ll know that every story made a difference. ✨❤️ . . . . . 📸 @goproin Hero 6 🌲 #goproindia

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15. Shubham Mansingka @shubham.mansingka

16. Rachita Saxena @meanderandwander

17. @Kanwar_photos

18. Vibhu Grover @vibhu_grover

19. Harish Sharma @shadow_and_sun

20. Rohan shahi @rohanshahi