Apart from being a teeming hub of intellectuals, Kolkata also offers a lip-smacking array of tempting street foods to its visitors. The city is a delicious potpourri of different cultures, and the same spirit extends to its food. Here’s a list of some yummy delights that you will find in the streets of Kolkata:

  1. Puchka:gp1Known as ‘panipuri’ and ‘golgappa’ in other parts of the country, Kolkata’s ‘puchka’ is one of its most-loved street foods. A crispy fried dough, puri with a spicy, smashed potato stuffing, ‘puchka’ is dipped in tamarind chutney and is often served with spicy, delicious water. You will find this lovely delight in practically every corner of the city.
  2. Jhal-Muri: gp02This is another one of Kolkata’s delicious offerings. Jhal-muri is a mix of puffed rice with assorted ingredients like cucumber, boiled potato, coriander, tomato, and spices, sprinkled with a dash of lime juice and served in a rolled paper. You will find ‘jhal-muri’ not just in the streets of Kolkata but also sold by enthusiastic vendors in its trains and buses.
  3. Telebhaja: gp03Deep-friend gram flour snacks, ‘telebhaja’ or ‘alur-chop’ is a famous snack in Kolkata. You will find small, roadside stalls selling them aplenty, and are usually enjoyed with puffed rice.
  4. Kathi Rolls:gp04 Who hasn’t heard of Kolkata’s famous Kathi Rolls? These heavenly wraps come stuffed with vegetables, meat, eggs, and other stuffings of your choice. Mixed with spicy sauces, this is a treat you shouldn’t miss, especially if you happen to be a meat-lover.
  5. Chanar Jilipi: gp05This famous sweet is made of cottage cheese, which is first fried and then dipped in a sugary syrup, much like a ‘jalebi’. Chanar jilipi will give you a rich, savory taste of the sweetness of the city and its people.


But this isn’t the end of the delicacies Kolkata has to offer. A visit to Kolkata will give you the chance to explore the city in all its splendor and heavenly cuisine. If the foodie in you is already packing their bags for a trip to Kolkata, don’t forget to check out some hotels for a comfortable stay. One of the best hotels in Kolkata is ITC, which promises a luxurious stay and the chance to gain an insight into the local culture in comfort.

So book your tickets and visit this lovely city you will definitely fall in love with.

  • Sunny Mudgal

    i am living in north india and we are crazy about Jalebi ,recently i had visited Rishikesh in utrrakhand and in a local restaurant i have seen the same dish but they are selling this thing by the name of jalebi..but today i know about Chanar Jilipi what is the real concept it is thanks so much.http://www.samedaytours.in/

  • lokesh Raj

    very nice and i love jalebi, samia, panipuri. Now i known through channar jilipi.
    Thank you for giving me such information.

  • SAM
  • Patrali@Couponsji

    Being a Bong girl, who knows it better than me about the above mentioned lip smacking dishes..Too good of a piece of content..!! Amid it all Puchka and Chanar Jilipi r my all time favorites.

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