India is a country where more than 330 different language spoken, every village,  every corner of India have different language. Hindi is the official language of India which is widely spoken across the India. Moreover some part of India people speak in their regional language also but they can understand Hindi to some extent. 
So, if you are planning to visit India you  must know some language Tips before traveling to India and should learn some important words and phrases in Hindi which could make your visit more memorable and cheerful.

Here is the list of some useful Basic Hindi Phrase :-

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1. Namaste (nah-mas-tay)the most Favorite and common salutation of greeting when people meet to anyone in India. You can add gesture here “palms touching and fingers pointed upwards, in front of the chest,” you can add this word when you meet any new people,  just like we use the words “hi”, “Hello” in English.
For example If you meet a person in India and is name is Ram then You will say Namaste ram (Hihello Ram). In addition you can use “Ji” at the end of name which show respect.
so you can say “Namaste Ram ji”. 

2. Aap Kaise hain (aap- kei-se- hain):  It means “How Are You”, another common word to greet people before start conversation. You can start conversation like “Namaste Ram ji, Aap Kaise Hain”. You dont need to say “aap kaise hain” to strangers.

3. Bahut Accha (bah-huut acch-cha): It means too good/ very good. It’s a reply when you ask anyone in india “aap kaise hain?” Here “bahut” means very/too/extreme and “acha” means good/fine.  

4. Dhanyawad (Dhann-ya-Wad ): The word “Dhanyawad” means Thank /Thank You.You need to remember this word on your lips in India, it is way of showing appreciation of a favor. Say “Dhanyawad” (with smile) each time anyone helps you.

5. Theek hai: It means Okay. And you can use this word same as you use the word “okay”. But if you are asking anyone any address, direction or any favor don’t say only “theek hai” in reply add “dhanyawad” at the end
6. Kripya(krii- piya): Hindi word “Kripya” means “Please”. You can use this word in request or to question to anyone.

7. Maaf Kijeye(maaf kii-ji-ye): Another common word that all indians use very often and also all visitor  need to use. The word “maaf Kijiye” means Sorry.

As we know India is country with huge population so while traveling in streets, in bus, train, or any market , you may hit or touch anyone ( Indians don’t like touch of strangers), so use the word “Maaf kijiye” as you make any touch or hit anyone by mistake.   

8. Aapka Swagat hai (aap-kaa swaa-gat hai): This phrase means “You Are Welcome”. When anyone say thanks to you should say “Aap ka Swagat Hai”. People will shock to hear this phrase from a foreigner because very few people use this word now in India.
9. Ye mera hai(ye me-raa hai): It means “This is mine”. You need this phrase in trains, Railway stations, Airports and Buses.  
10. Kya aap English bolte hai(ki-ya aap english bol- tee hain): This means “do You Speak English”. Many times I have seen in India that a foreigner start asking for any help in English and the person to whom he is asking is completely unaware of English language and the visitor get confused and sometimes get a completely wrong reply.
So first of all ask him whether he know English or not, for this use this phrase “Kya aap English bolte hai”