Whenever we go for any outdoor travelling, trekking, camping, hiking, adventure holidays, adventure tours and adventure trips, we plan a lot and research a lot about the trip and camping essentials.
We want to make sure before any type of trip to pack every essential item we need while travelling, but each time we forget some or other stuffs at home.
To help you remember each and everything while packing your backpack we have created a travelling checklist below which you can use as an all time guide for you for your next preparation for any outdoor getaways. I suggest you to take a print of this page so that you can cross check all the items anytime.
I suggest you to take a print of this page so that you can cross check all the items anytime.

Here is the checklist for trekking:

Rucksack –   It is very important. Always use a good quality rucksack especially for a long trip. Should be light weight and more numbers of pocket will be helpful. There are lots of branded stylish rucksack available in the market.
Shoes – Trekking journey and its success depends on your shoes. Never compromise with this item. There’s lots of brands manufactures quality trekking shoes.  A quality shoe is very helpful in slippery land. Also don’t use new shoes for trekking, at least practice wearing it before one month of actual trek begins.
Medicines – keep medicines which you take as a daily intake. In addition keep medicine for fever, vomiting, acidity, stomach pain and pain killer tablets.  

Trouser – Two trousers is enough for trekking trip. If you are going to trekking where you have to walk through the snow then may be your pant will get wet. So keep another trouser. Avoid half pants.
Rain sheet – A plastic sheet which can be folded and stitched.  You can cover you entire body with it. It’s very important because at hills rains are coming and going. 
Wooden stick while trekking you it is useful and gives a good support during climbing and descending
TorchCompulsory and helpful   as the power is not available at higher peaks. keep additional batteries too.

Some more useful items you must carry while trekking:

*Swiss Pocket Knife
*Itch guard,
*lip gel,
*UV protection lotions
*Water bottles
*Lunch box,
*plastic spoons.
*Multi plug
*Paper soap,
*Shaving cream,
*razor – blades
*Tissue paper – a must carry item.
*Camera for photography!
#Note: some people carry lots of sweets and dry fruits : avoid it because at height some 500 gm make a huge difference.
happy journey …. happy trekking 🙂