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Pondicherry or Pondy (officially ‘Puducherry’) is one of the union territories in the country. It was the largest French colony and a must-visit tourist place in Southern India. Pondicherry boasts colonial buildings, temples, beautiful gardens, museums & memorials, and mesmerizing beaches which offer the sound of the waves breaking against the shore.

Pondicherry is a paradise which can be seen as a glorious page in our country’s history. The city is a perfect blend of French heritage and Indian culture which makes it an interesting weekend getaway in India. The best part of Pondy is its eateries that cover a wide range of French cuisines, Mexican, Italian and obviously Indian too, apart from the tourist places in the city.


Hope you are doing great in Bangalore and a weekend arrives. What exactly will you do after a cup of morning tea or coffee? It would be comfortable if you just spend the whole day in your humble abode being occupied with YouTube or some of your favourite magazines but I’m sure it won’t be satisfying. I have an idea. Within a minute of your last sip of coffee, do phone to some of your besties and talk about hitting the road which goes directly to a gorgeous destination that’s full of heritage beauty, Pondicherry. Use your skills to convince them, hire a vehicle accordingly and be ready to enjoy one of the greatest weekends in your lifetime.

In this very little time, this blog may assist you instantaneously. We have figured out the best routes to reach Pondy, exotic stopovers to add more joy to the trip and top tourist places in the town to make your journey comfortable.

Best Routes Bangalore To Pondicherry: Route One Is Fastest

Bengaluru  ->  Hosur  -> Krishnagiri  -> Chengam -> Tiruvannamalai  -> Tindivanam -> Puducherry


  1. Take Raja Ram Mohan Roy Road and Langford Road to Electronic City Flyover/Hosur Road in Bommanahalli
  2. Follow NH48, NH77 and Manampathi-Koot Road to Puducherry

Travel Time – Approx 6 hours
Distance – Approx 310km via NH77
Remark – Fastest & Shortest Route


  1. Chandra Choodeswarar Temple in Hosur – Dedicated to Lord Shiva, this blissful temple is located on top of a hill in the city. Hosur is just an hour away from Bangalore en route.
  2. Krishnagiri Fort The land of black hills, Krishnagiri is a popular tourist place which is known for its cultural heritage. Built in the 16th century, Krishnagiri Fort is a must-visit monument on the route after Hosur.
  3. Krishnagiri Dam The dam that spans the Thenpennai River and a KRP Dam Park is located nearby, both are the top tourist places in the district.
  4. Chengam – A 700 years old temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu is located in Chengam en route. Some of the popular festivals are held between May and June so do check before starting the road trip.
  5. Annamalaiyar Temple in Tiruvannamalai – At the base of Annamalai hills, this Hindu temple is dedicated to deity Shiva and one of the largest as well as popular temples in India.

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Best Routes Bangalore To Pondicherry: Route Two Is Special

Bengaluru  ->  Hosur  -> Krishnagiri  -> Ambur -> Vellore  -> Kanchipuram -> Mahabalipuram  ->  Kalpakkam  -> Mandavai  -> Puducherry


  1. Take Raja Ram Mohan Roy Road and Langford Road to Electronic City Flyover/Hosur Road in Bommanahalli
  2. Follow NH48 to Kanchipuram – Vellore Road/Vellore – Kanchipuram Road in Kilambi
  3. Take Vellore – Bengalore Bypass, Military Road, Kancheepuram – Chengalpattu Road, SH58 and SH49B to East Coast Road in Salavankuppam

Travel Time – Approx 8 hours
Distance – Approx 450km via NH48
Remark – Best stopover – Mahabalipuram


It might be extremely exciting if you choose this route because Mahabalipuram offers a few glimpses of some of the best tourist spots in Chennai. The city is purely a tourist town as approaching the Shore Temple, built in 700 – 728 AD, is an unexplainable feeling and the Arjuna’s Penance (also known as the Descent of the Ganges) is an awe-inspiring tourist attraction. Krishna’s Butterball deserves a visit, it’s a 16 feet gigantic rock stood magically which attracts visitors from all around.


Hurray! It’s time to celebrate in style as Pondy has come. Many tourist spots are located within a short distance so walking might be an option to explore the city and its alluring beaches. 

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The spoken language in Pondicherry is Tamil so it would be great if you learn few most common words and phrases and do like a Tamilan –

Hello Vanakkam
How are you? Soukhyama?/ Eppadi irukkeengaa?
I am fine Nalla irukken
Come Vaanga
Go Ponga
Came Vanthaanga
Take Ambulans
Slow Molla
Water Thanni
1 Onnu
2 Randu
3 Moondru
4 Naala
5 Anchu


What is your name? Unga peru Enna
What happened? Ennachu?
Did you have your lunch? Saapttengala?
Come home Veettukku Vaanga
Please sit Ukkarunga
Thank You Nandri


A road trip from Bangalore to Pondicherry makes you feel more alive and there’s a lot more to see and do around the destination. Undoubtedly, you’ll enjoy beautiful sceneries and a different way to explore the things. A single click on LIKE button encourages us while sharing the blog motivates a thousand of people so don’t deprive us of that. Like, share and spread the good word!

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