There are so many options for bridal makeup artists in Hyderabad that it is hard to choose one. But if you are from  Hyderabad, you are lucky enough to have a choice from among the best bridal makeup artists in Hyderabad.

Along with tips for best bridal makeup, we will also share a list of the best wedding makeup artists in Hyderabad.

The first thing to do is check out the websites and portfolio of these artists and decide which bridal makeup look suits you the best and resonates the most with you. Since these are the top artists, they have done incredible work in the industry to make their name popular in the makeup industry.

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The next step is checking price range. If you are choosing the best among the bridal makeup artists in Hyderabad, chances are they are going to charge high rates as well. So chose the one that fits your budget as well as your requirements.Tips-for-best-bridal-makeup

Another thing to keep in mind is to check which products they will be using on your skin. Though the best bridal makeup artists use good brands, double-check it and see if they do a trial session before the wedding. Especially, if you have sensitive skin, it is better to test the products to prevent a complete skin break-out or allergies.

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The best thing to do is be clear in the head and specific about what kind of makeup style you want. It is essential to converse with the artist and let them know what your requirements are. Conversation is the key to getting the look you want.

Tips for Bridal Makeup: Since today’s brides are more aware of the new trends, it is easier for them to choose what look they want to adorn. Yet, some of these new trends are what bridal makeup artists suggest:

  1.    Having softer tone on eyes and smoked out Kajal look matches with traditional attire.
  2.    Textured hair knotted, waved or twisted up.
  3.    Jewellery should be delicate instead of chunky.
  4.    Dark Kohl and sultry eyes make the look traditional.
  5.    Contour the face nicely to avoid flat expression.
  6.    Use lip-popping colour such as Pink, Fuchsia and Bright Berry etc.
  7.    A little sparkle adds some charm and glimmer to the bride’s personality.
  8.    Use darker tones on cheekbones, to give more character to the face and expressions.
  9.    Always use waterproof eyeliner and makeup so it could last longer.
  10.    The foundation should also be used in a way to make the bride’s skin gorgeous.

Makeup should be done in a way that looks photogenic. So choose a style that you think will look good on camera.

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