The wedding venues are the second most important thing in a wedding. It is the place where all the decorations would be done, the ceremonies would happen and guests would arrive. There are many gorgeous banquet halls and some affordable wedding venues in Bangalore as well, but there are some things that must be considered before booking a wedding hall in Bangalore such as:

  1.    Guest capacity: See if the hall is too big for the number of guests you have invited or too small. You need just the appropriate-size because otherwise, it can get either awkward or chaotic.
  2.    Outside Garden: In Bangalore, just an enclosed hall is not good enough. There should be some outside garden where the guests can spend some time. The people who would be hanging out at the venue for a long time should have that luxury.
  3.    Parking and transportation: Check if the hall has adequate parking facility and good capacity. Also, is transportation available nearby? These logistics are of good help to the guests who would be coming from abroad or far off places. So transport facility should be available near the venue.
  4.    What are the restrooms and washrooms like? The changing rooms, toilets etc are pretty essential during weddings, for so many guests as well as women constantly trying to touch-up their makeup or changing into the wedding outfit. See how many washrooms there are and of what size.
  5.    Is the place disabled and senior-citizen friendly? There must be a place for the grandparents to sit and rest and ample arrangement for their proper movement.
  6.    Technical help- DJ, lighting and everything technical must be checked before booking a wedding venue. See what the layout is and what services could the place offer.
  7.    Catering: After the logistics of the place, the second thing that must be checked would be catering and the food menu. What is the cost per plate + tax and are they flexible with the food and beverage menu? If there is no in-house catering, do they recommend someone?
  8.    Availability of the place: The wedding hall should be available on the date of the wedding and if it is a huge property, there should be no more than one other event planned there for the day and that too for such timings that leave you ample time for decoration and preparation.
  9.    Budget: Booking a wedding venue can turn out to be an expensive task. So get a quote in writing and make sure there are no hidden costs. Then compare the price to other places and pick the ones you like best. Also try getting a discount.

Do not go just on appearances because grand places can often be too expensive. Ask around and check for online reviews, sometimes there are places that look good but people have had a bad experience with the service and management. Make sure everything in place before finally booking the banquet hall.