Choosing a perfect location for the wedding function is very important and one has to keep all the logistics in mind while making a decision. There are many banquet halls and wedding venues in Gurgaon, but you have to choose one not just by what ‘looks’ good but also what would be the most efficient and appropriate place to conduct the wedding. Here are a few tips on how to choose the best wedding venue in Gurgaon:

  1.    Banquet halls in New Developed Gurgaon would be more costly than the ones in Old Gurgaon.
  2.    The usual cost ranges from 400 per pax for Veg and Rs 500 for nonveg. But the amount varies according to the menu and the place.
  3.    If you choose to go for 4-star or 5-star locations, they may charge within range of Rs 1100 per pax to 2500.
  4.    There are some banquet halls like Hotel Haut Monde, Acura BMK, Lemon tree, Casabella that are pretty popular among people as wedding venues. So you can check them out and get a quote while also looking at other places, the names of which you can find on the internet.
  5.    Before deciding on a venue, visit the location and evaluate it properly in terms of decoration, how the DJ and dance floor will be arranged, what is the bathroom situation and click some pictures for future evaluation.
  6.    See if accommodation and transportation are both easily available for guests. Is the place hard to find? Is there in-house accommodation and will they have space for the date you want.
  7.    Checking for availability is very important and that should be your first question because most of the good banquet halls are booked months in advance. So don’t waste your time evaluating the place and asking questions only to get disheartened by unavailability.
  8.    Visit websites and read reviews as well as look at the pictures to see which venues attract you the most according to the kind of wedding you wish to have.
  9.    Making the guest list is very important as you will be searching for a wedding venue that suits the number of guests that you have invited.
  10.    Ask if they have in-house catering or anyone they recommend. See what is on the menu and if they are flexible with it.

The last and most important thing is that the place should fit into your budget so filter out the places according to that. But do keep a margin because often the wedding venues in Gurgaon do allow discount and lower their rates in some situations. You will just need to learn how to bargain.

Do listen to friends and others who recommend places because firsthand experience always matters. Get a quote of the overall expense and get it in writing so there are no hidden costs or surprises on the date of payment. And when you do find a good place, book it immediately before someone else.