There are many lavish banquet halls and spectacular high-budget and low-budget wedding venues available in Kolkata. But choosing from among many requires criteria to be set which includes- the number of guests, budget, the theme of the wedding etc.

There are certain things that must be kept in mind before booking a wedding venue in Kolkata such as:

  1. Is the location easily accessible by public transport? Is there good parking space available in the venue according to the number of guests you have invited? Would a huge crowd jam the entrance?  Think of these things beforehand.
  2. While looking online for names and locations of the banquet halls, checking wedding blogs and websites for reviews of the locations on your list. This will help you choose only the ones that others already recommend. It is one of the ways to avoid any bad experiences and be extra sure about the location you are about to book.  
  3. Ask them about availability and the average cost before going to visit the place to have a fair idea about what to expect and to not waste precious time on places that are unavailable or unaffordable.
  4. When you have finally narrowed down the names, visit each location and observe it critically. Instead of just being in awe of the place and the view, focus on logistics and technicalities.
  5. The first thing to notice is ample space for your guest list, but the venue should also not be too big. Check if there is accommodation available in the venue itself or nearby for the guests who will be coming from far off locations.
  6. Check the restrooms, changing rooms and washrooms because these are of utmost importance in a wedding function. Also check the kitchen, foyer, view, outdoor garden (if there is one) and see if there is something that looks out of place. Remember to click a lot of pictures of every place you visit. It will help you compare things later on.
  7. Ask a lot of questions about the DJ, lighting, technical stuff. What are the restrictions? Where would the dance floor be set? Ask about the seating arrangement and decoration. How long exactly would you have the hall for?
  8. Do they have any provision for senior-citizen and handicapped?
  9. The second most important thing is catering to see if they provide in-house catering and what kind of menu they have and what they charge per plate.
  10. Get approximate about how much it would all cost you and get it in writing so there are no surprises or hidden costs afterwards.
  11. When everything seems alright, figure out the conditions and book the hall immediately for the wedding day before it becomes unavailable.
  12. A wedding venue is very important as it sets the atmosphere for the whole wedding function. If the guests feel relaxed and enjoy the location, the overall vibe of the wedding would get better. This can only be done if the management of the venue is done efficiently.