The kind of material you use for wedding card invite also adds to the overall presentation of the invitation. There are many kinds of papers used in wedding invitation cards these days. The most unique and wonderful ones to make your wedding card different from the rest are:

  1.    Marbled paper: It is easy to guess that marbled paper has the look which looks like marble and one can even imitate that look at home after watching some DIY videos.
  2.    Matte paper: This has a crisp finish and works perfectly if you want a print on it. Pastel colours look attracted on matte paper and it doesn’t get worn off even after repeatedly being handed over. Even in the matte paper, there are kinds such as- premium matte, photo quality, double sided and semi-matte as well.
  3.    Glossy paper: It is kind of similar to matte paper except that it has more coatings and thus gives off a glossy look. This kind of paper works great if you want to print colourful wedding invitation cards.
  4.    Mylar paper: Mylar is the most common kind of paper used in wedding invitations. It has a metallic and shiny finish which looks good with festive invitations.
  5.    Cotton Fiber paper: Like the name suggests, the paper is made from cotton and this is one of the popular choices for a wedding card with a clean and classy look.
  6.    Glassine: This is a water and grease resistant paper that is often seen as covering wedding albums. This is often used as an envelope for wedding card invites.
  7.    Recycled Paper: This is the growing trend among couples as people choose to be eco-friendlier in their habits. Using recycled paper in making wedding card invites would surely make the invitation stand out.
  8.    Linen Paper: This paper is made from fabric and also looks like fabric. It has a different texture to it and is great for printing wedding card invitations. It has the feel of a canvas and so looks really pretty as a wedding card.

There are also other kinds of paper like Vellum, which is a frosted paper that is a layer on top of an opaque sheet of paper with a bright colour but since vellum is often made from calfskin, it won’t be the perfect choice for an Indian wedding invitation. There is also modern parchment paper which gives the wedding card invite an ancient and royal look.

Many people are also choosing to ditch the printed wedding card idea to be more nature-friendly and sending e-invites to their friends and peers. One can also go for a handmade paper which is made through cotton, hemp and some other fibres. Choosing the right kind of paper depends on the design of the wedding invite that you have in mind and what printing technique would fit best with it. There are many printing techniques such as engraving, digital, letterpress and you have to choose one according to the design and then select the paper accordingly.