Now what makes a Marathi bride distinct from all the other brides is the loud character that she carries with her makeup. There are many good bridal makeup artists in Mumbai, but only the best bridal makeup artists are able to deliver that look. The makeup artists in Mumbai suggest some of these tips for bridal makeup in Mumbai:

  1.    Check the correct tone of the foundation by testing it on your face instead of your hand. The skin tone of hand is two times fairer than that of your face which is why often wrong foundation ton is selected.
  2.    Brides should always be willing to try out different shades except for the traditional gold and reds.
  3.    Always carry compact powder, lipstick and blotting paper because the humid atmosphere of Mumbai is not so forgiving on the bridal makeup.
  4.    Schedule the facial at least a week before the wedding because skin often looks flushed out after the facial.
  5.    In order to find the best bridal makeup artist in Mumbai, make a list of the top ones whose style you like and then filter out the ones within your price range. Do a trial makeup session ranging from low intensity, minimalist makeup to dark bold look, seeing what would suit you on the final day of the wedding.
  6.    Pick waterproof makeup because of Mumbai’s unpredictable weather and avoid fake lashes as they create shadows under the eyes.
  7.    In today’s date, makeup is all about looking as good in pictures as in person. So click a quick picture during the trial and also on the wedding day to lock a look.
  8.    Instead of finding a look that looks great on celebrities and actresses, go for something that suits you and goes well with your outfit. Constantly interact with the makeup artist trying to figure out what exactly you want.
  9.    If a bride wishes to do the makeup herself, she should start learning the tricks and practising a month before because wedding makeup is quite different than normal makeup. But she can also hire a professional artist.
  10.    Be sure to ask about the products that the artist uses for makeup and only use already trusted brands or test them on your skin beforehand during the trial.

Some of the best bridal makeup artists in Mumbai are:

Ojas Rajani, Recinda Martis, Daniel Bauer, Amrita Sanghavi, Jharna Shah, Shamita Gogia, Cherag Bambboat, Nahush Pise, Meghna Bhutani, Bianca Louzdo, Varsha Gidwani, Maya R Mehta, Priya Kapur, Zubair Shaikh, Fatima Soomar, Aditi Mehra and Dimple Bathija are some of the best professional makeup artists in Mumbai.

They have set a high standard for the industry and laid the pillars for bridal makeup in Mumbai. If you wish for the wedding day to be the one when you look the most beautiful, you can trust any of these bridal makeup artists to make you look that way. The only problem would be filtering out which one you want to hire because they are all incredibly good.