There was a time in 1920s and 1930s, when BATMEN tried to fly using flying-suits made of whalebone and wood. In 20s lots of people tried to fly, and about 70 or more died in their attempts to be a flying man.
Since then many people working on it and wingsuits becoming safer in the 90s.The popularity of this extreme sport has gained a momentum now.Wingsuit Flying
Its popularity spreading day by day and there’s lots of wingsuit flying academies. This human flight sport has more than 10 wingsuit flying academies only in USA. And many pilots are there who have more than 1000 jumps of experiences.
The people who are familiar with skydives are legally allowed to jump as a wingsuiter without instruction, but it isn’t recommended as the suits require more skills to fly. After jumping from a high peak or out of plane pilots need to spread their arms and legs at a certain time and begin to fly. As they float around at speeds of 100mph altimeters keep them aware of how close they are to the ground.
This sport is very popular in Virginia or Maryland and California.