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By Martin Kippenberger

The best way to travel is being organized and well equipped. It is true that travellers carry a lot of things with them such as cameras, earphones, USB cables, glasses, passport etc. It’s a digital age and we always feel to have our gadgets with us, so it is frequent to be overloaded with gadgets but no place to carry them.
And for this VERSATYL Jacket, the best innovation till now in travel jackets, is a foremost important product that you need.
VERSATYL is a 29-feature World’s First Multi Utility Travel Jacket, 18 fuctional pockets and storage compartments. The VERSATYL is launched by Emirate Fashions Pvt Ltd – a garment manufacturing firm. It was an idea of Saneen Javali , a former IBM engineer, who himself is an avid traveller and thus noticed the importance of a good travel jacket. He now runs a fashion garment manufacturing company in the startup capital of India, Bengaluru.

This Amazing Jacket is Crowdfunded on fueladream.com and has managed to raise INR 2 million in just 45 days
VERSATYL jackets comes in two colours i.e Fiery Red and Electric Blue, 6 different sizes and weighs just 470 grams. The material used is 100% Polyster water resistant material, which makes it light and usable in all climatic conditions. Even the zips are Waterproof YKK.


BACK PIC: The back of the VERSATYL has 2 additional unique features to add to it’s 29 features.

The inside of the jacket has room for a lot of things to include one large pocket roomy enough for a book or an I-Pad. There are also 6 vertical pockets where you can store smaller items like a wallet, passport, mobile charger, camera pouch, torch or portable charger. If you’re like me, when you are out and want equipment handy, they have developed 4 other compartments in left side of inside of the jacket to keep pen or earphone loops . There is even a small hidden pocket inside to stash some emergency cash or USB. There is a detachable hoodie with drawstring so you can catch some nap time when on the flight.

INSIDE PIC: The Inside of the VERSATYL has another 11 features taking the total to 27 features.

Now coming to the outside, VERSATYL is really stylish and appealing. At the top, there are 2 chest pockets for keeping IDs/Passport/Money , one upper arm pocket and a Reflector strip.

In the middle, there’s one  pocket on each side for your phone or keep your hand warm.

Lower down on each hand, there’s a designated forearm pocket that the keys slides right into, and another forearm pocket for other essentials.

FRONT Pic: The front of the VERSATYL showcasing 16 features

The vision is to make it the de-facto standard in travel jackets. Be it on an aircraft or a boat , on a bike, trekking the country side or for everyday use, the Versatyl is what you want.

I was really impressed with the usefulness and quality of the jacket. I can honestly say if you are looking for a lightweight travel jacket that can carry lots of gear without being bulky then you should go for VERSATYL.


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